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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) helps improve the user experience with a faster loading speed of mobile pages. With AMP from SearchPie, your Shopify store is going to be a user-oriented, mobile-friendly and high-performing website.
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Convert 10 pages of your Shopify store into AMP pages for FREE.

What is AMP?

AMP is an open-source HTML framework that enables you to make web pages that prioritize user experience while loading quickly and smoothly.

Your KPIs and user experience will increase when your website on mobile loads more quickly. You can provide users with a consistently quick web experience across all devices and platforms including Google, LinkedIn, and Bing since AMP pages load instantly.

Users engage 35% more with AMP pages than with stan dard mobile pages, while AMP pages load around four times faster than standard pages.

Why use AMP?

Instant First Load

When users visit your website from a search engine, your site will load in less than a second.

Higher Google Ranking

Google gives priority to AMP pages for mobile users. The chances of your website appearing at the top of search results will increase.

More Conversion

Statistics indicated AMP increases user engagement and allows for longer stay times and lower bounce rates for e-commerce sites.

What does SearchPie help you?

Our mission is to help merchants build AMP pages as Google’s standard of AMP.

Convert with ONE click

Merchants can create AMP for any pages of any themes from the Page Builder app they’re using.


Non-technical merchants can use this feature easily as no coding skills required.


Merchants can customize every sections on their AMP pages, including Home page, Product pages and Blogs.

Improved SEO

Google's algorithms will rank your page higher on search results pages if it loads quicker on mobile devices.

How AMP for Shopify Works?

SearchPie creates unique AMP pages for each page of your website, and submits them to Google for indexing.

These pages will appear higher in search results on mobile devices when Google detects that you have AMP enabled.

When users access your pages using a mobile search engine, they will be directed to your AMP pages; otherwise, they will be forwarded to your original sites.

What merchants talk about AMP?

Supermarket Italy

This app is amazing. The AMP pages and instant pages made my website so much faster. Also, the support team they had stayed on with me for hours and walked me through everything. REALLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Wrinkle Free Medical Spa

I selected the app after looking at the options available. I specifically liked that the App created AMP pages too. I am highly recommending this app. Jason and the support team are excellent too. 5 stars to SearchPie!

To cause of affection

Best part live agent very helpful. Overall good app. Also they made it simple as well. They could add alt image to get better result SEO. And more mobile speed SEO.

Prodotti Herbalife Online

So simply to USE. I understand anything of SEO. But APP is completely automatic. I can see the difference of my positioning on Google in four days. A lot of Snippet too. And my site is 10 times faster on mobile because of the App.

What merchants talk about AMP?