SearchPie Teams Up With BON Loyalty: Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

Exciting news for Shopify merchants! SearchPie has partnered with BON Loyalty to bring our merchants one of the top recommended apps for loyalty programs. This collaboration promises to enable our merchants to maximize customer acquisition efforts and turn store visitors into repeat purchasers.


BON Loyalty Rewards & Referrals is a leading app on the Shopify platform that enables merchants to launch and manage their loyalty programs with ease. While SearchPie focuses on driving increased traffic through SEO, BON takes it a step further: turn your store visitors into valued customers. They offer all the powerful features to encourage visitors to not only explore your offerings but also make their initial purchase and return for more. Using both BON Loyalty and SearchPie, merchants can maximize the lifetime value of a customer.

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Welcome and thank you BON Loyalty, our trusted partner. We firmly believe by working as a team, we can offer our very best to our beloved customers!

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