Why You Should Include Text Below Your Collection Page

In the world of SEO, content syndication is essential for promoting your website on Google. This principle has become even more crucial following the recent Google core algorithm update on May 4th, 2020, which significantly impacted search rankings.

For Shopify merchants, optimizing content is key to achieving better ranking results. While Shopify offers numerous adjustments for content optimization. However, some essential optimization features, like adding custom text below your collection items, are still missing in many themes.

The Importance of Below-the-Fold Content

Including all your SEO-tailored content with H2, H3, and other elements in a standard page description can result in a massive block of text at the top of the page. This approach is not user-friendly, as visitors typically come to your page to view your products, not to read a lengthy description. By keeping the top description concise and moving the detailed content that Google bots seek below the collection items, you can enhance both the user experience and SEO.

Benefits of Text Below Collection Items

  1. Enhanced User Experience: A concise top description keeps visitors engaged with your products, offering a cleaner and more visually appealing browsing experience. This approach prevents overwhelming users with a massive block of text, making it easier for them to find what they are looking for.
  2. Improved SEO: Placing detailed content below the collection items ensures that Google bots can still index all your keywords and relevant information. This strategic placement helps boost your search rankings without compromising the user experience at the top of the page.
  3. Optimized Content Layout: This method maintains a balanced and organized layout by distributing content more effectively. By moving in-depth descriptions and additional information below the fold, you keep the primary focus on the products themselves, enhancing the overall aesthetic and usability of the page.
  4. Increased Engagement: Visitors are more likely to scroll through your collection if the initial content is inviting and not overwhelming. By placing extensive details below, you encourage users to explore further, increasing the time they spend on your site and potentially boosting conversion rates.
  5. Strategic Content Placement: Customizing the placement of SEO-rich content allows for better alignment with search engine algorithms while catering to user preferences. This strategic placement can result in higher visibility and better ranking for your store, driving more organic traffic.

By strategically placing text below your collection items, you can achieve a balance between user experience and search engine optimization, ultimately driving more traffic and improving your store’s visibility on Google.

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